Learn how to “own the room” and grab attention in the way you communicate with help from Ryan! In Ryan’s personal brand courses, you’ll learn everything from impression management to concept pitching as well as how to hone your online and offline networking skills, which are all important to bring an audience to your concept, idea, product or service. Confidently and effectively grow your buy-in potential with help from his next course!



Niki teaches simple techniques that will pull you out of a downward spiral and uplift you into feeling your best. Learn introspection exercises that will guide you in discovering who you are and why you were born, so you can fulfill your life’s purpose. With her simple and powerful meditation techniques, you’ll develop into your best self, Super Fairy!



In Karizza’s courses, she will share her knowledge and experience of a professional model. You will learn how to utilize appropriate techniques, posing procedures in different styles, and why these are so important. You’ll get to watch Karizza demonstrate and discuss the process of modeling work and its variety of shoots. By the end of the course, you will realize that you can be a professional model at any age or size!



Let us help you bring that light to the surface, allowing you to become the light. Shine bright and become the brilliant you that you know you can be. We hope you will come to think of me as your Xehar Fairy Godmother and Hadari as your Xehar Fairy Queen. Together we hope to be passionate and grounding forces in your live.

Let’s face it, life is better with friends and when you learn how to surround yourself with the right friends, life is awesome. But building the right network is not easy. Sarah will help get you started in the right direction!

Lindsey shares her tips on helping you to build your brand. She helps you to find that passion or niche that makes you stand out and to use that passion to build your brand around.

Leah shares her tips on how to introduce intimidating items into your wardrobe. When confronting the typical standards of bikini’s and two-pieces for plus-size women, Leah will show you how to break through these barriers.

From being a mom on the go to being sexualized, Aly’s here to give you steps on how to get through your everyday life while maintaining your brand.

Gina is a spicy, fun and fabulous fashion babe! Her laugh is contagious, her raw and real take on life taught me a few things when I met her at the Xehar Fashion Fairies Conference; maybe that’s why she is known as ‘The Curvy Class’! Get out your notebooks and pens because school’s in session.

As Tracy shares her life genuinely with you, you will be able to see that you can go out and do all those things that you wanted to. You do not have to have a perfect body to enjoy your life. Better yet, you are already perfect exactly how you are!

Shoot for the stars with Michelle as she gives you practical advice on overcoming issues and achieving success!

Susan @suggamonkey has great tips on living your best life with confidence.

SHOW US YOUR #aconfidentyou STYLE


SHOW US YOUR #aconfidentyou STYLE


SHOW US YOUR #aconfidentyou STYLE