Xehar App delivers customized outfits and styles at your fingertips.

Xehar is fashion-tech company that was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective; to offer designer clothes at revolutionary prices. We use latest technology to create innovative mobile application to make buying decisions effortless.

Xehar App achieves all while building confidence in women through inspiring fashion collections. Join the movement and empower yourself with Xehar App.

Tailored to You!
The Xehar app will allow you to input your sizes and preferences. You will see your customized outfits instantly.

The mission of Xehar University is to teach women how to appreciate their natural beauty, build their mental strength, and channel their inner voice. A learning portal with exclusive access to expert coaches, teachers and mentors, Xehar University is training the next generation of confident women by giving them all the tools, support, and inspiration they need to become a successful independent women.

Graduates of the program become Fashion Fairies, earn free fashion, make money and serve as role models to other women, focusing on giving back and supporting other women in the Xehar communities. Fashion Fairies then have an opportunity to become Body Positive Mentors, who are able to create their own fashion line under the Xehar brand.




Creator, Hadari Oshri, has always been passionate about the confidence she exudes. Hailing from Tel Aviv, she realized early on how far confidence can take her. She wanted to gift the confidence to women, no matter what their hobbies, size or creed. A woman’s glow is her strongest weapon, and in order to gift that glow to women across the world, Xehar was born. Style all of a sudden wasn’t for the few.